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Modern Police Car

The MODEL PD is More Than a Modern Police Car

There are many different makes and models of police car options available today, but there is only one all-electric and ready-to-roll police car, the MODEL PD. More than merely a modern police car, the MODEL PD is laying the groundwork for the future of police vehicles and Tesla is leading the wave of all-electric cars.

The benefits are undeniable and all the advantages of all-electric cars are as advertised. The only question left is when will you step in and take a look and test drive yourself? The MODEL PD is also built to get from zero to sixty fast, built with safety and mind, and built to be a better kind of all-electric police car. By all accounts - mission accomplished!

Are you ready to see the next generation of police vehicles? Are you aware of how much money can be saved using all-electric police cars? Welcome to the MODEL PD and where the future of police cars is headed. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment to experience a MODEL PD yourself.

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